Upcoming Retreat Programs 2017 - 2018

  jump onboard for one of our group retreat programs !

energy nourishment for women

 with World Renowned Pranic Living Guide

Camila Castillo

 upcoming 1 week program:

November 16 - 23   2017

  • Consciousness - Breath - Prana
  • Womb Wisdom - Feminine Intelligence
  •  Manifestation - Empowerment
  • Spirituality - Integral Health

a full spectrum permaculture intensive !


upcoming program: Nov. 25 - Dec. 21   2017

A synthesis of instruction, hands-on projects, excursions to permaculture projects in the area, and a comprehensive design project based on a piece of land that you own, or on a hypothetical ideal property for your “dream” homestead.

Plus yoga classes, sound journey meditation, hiking in nature, music making, kirtan, full moon drumming and gourmet garden to table meals !

purifying all levels ~ raising frequency ~ invoking higher destiny

  upcoming programs:

 Jan 21 - 31 : 10 day pranic living initiation with Ray Maor

plus: Jan 12 - 21  2018 : 9 day pre-initiation preparation retreat

and Feb 1 - 12  : 11 day post-initiation integration retreat

2 harmonious weeks of spontaneous heart music !

  upcoming program : March 21 - April 4  2018

- toning, kirtan chanting, native flute, didjeridu, drumming, yoga, permaculture, gourmet garden to table cuisine, hiking, contemplative movement, sound meditation...

- included at no extra cost are 3 handcrafted instruments:

a native flute, a didjeridu, & a drum !

- plus you return home with an MP3 album of our live recorded spontaneous jam sessions.

An extraordinary process to connect with your Inner Power!

 upcoming program : April 14 - 21  2018

Join Akahi for this life-changing experience that will bring you the heightened consciousness, detoxification, increased peace, happiness & wellbeing...

Self-Healing & Cellular Rejuvenation, DNA Neurocellular Self-Reprogramming, Advanced Pranic Breath Science, enjoy an expanding consciousness, a profound attunement of Body-Mind-Emotions-Spirit, Deepen your connection with source, healing karma, access higher intelligence & clarity of thought, enhance immune system, experience a quantum leap in your energy level...

Activate your natural capacity to Live on Light !

 250 hr Classical Tantric Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

  upcoming program : May 1 - 27  2018

The Living in the Self Classical 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training is a training for those with a strong background and practice in yoga or anyone who has already completed their 200 hour RYS training and is looking to enhance and build upon their previous knowledge and teaching practice. 

* Those hoping to receive their 300 hr training to become a 500hr RYT will have an independent assignment to be completed post-training.