Sacred Earth Medicine Retreat

Upcoming Program  ~ November 7 - 15   2020 

Deepen your sacred relationship with self, earth, and cosmic energies: 

  • Join us for a 9 day retreat to cleanse and purify body, mind and spirit, sourcing greater balance and harmony within and without. 
  • Sharing timeless wisdom practices for health, purification, and spiritual preparation we work with our bodies, our breath and the earth, renewing our connection to the sacred energies of life.
  • Two sacred plant medicine journeys and one sweat lodge ceremony to help you connect deeply with yourself, release stuck energy and deepen your relationship with the living world and the divine aspect of creation. The herbal medicine combined with sacred chants, instruments, and deep personal discussions will dive deep into your life’s direction.
  • Nourishing the body with hi vitality, vegan high raw diet, gentle detox, and sweat lodge, we follow the process of purification, with intention to bring greater balance healing and wholeness to ourselves and our lives. 
  • Exploring activating practices for the subtle bodies with meditation, yoga and sound journey, we build a foundation of sacred embodiment within our daily lives, that will support us on our journey of healing and growth.
  • The retreat will be held at Cancion Del Corazon Wholistic Lifepath Center, a thriving permaculture paradise, in Vilcabamba, and will be joining Ximena and Santiago at Casa Del Sol for 1 Temazcal Sweat Lodge, a daytime hike with San Pedro Medicine, and 1 night-time Ayahuasca Medicine Ceremony.
  • Santiago Ayala and his wife Ximena Morales, certified Curanderos (healers) give you their blessings and protect you while you commence ancient ceremonies to take you on a spiritual journey of self-growth and healing.

Expand your consciousness into the mystic nature of existence !


Nov. 7 Day 1- Arrival 8am: Orientation

Ascension Cuisine : The Frequency of Life; 

Eternaculture “the way of living in love and reciprocity with life”; permaculture tour

Afternoon: Earth prayer Mandala Ceremony

Celebrate Equinox with fireside drum jam

Nov. 8 -  Raw and Living Foods fruits/sprouting  

Morning Ceremony “Unity Dance” (based upon the Cherokee prayer dance) 

Conscious Cuisine Class “The art of feeding our bodies, as a spiritual practice”

Afternoon: Trinity Awareness Presentation 

4 Elements Embodiment Practice with Lilya Dale

Evening Guided Breath Meditation

Nov. 9  Preparing ourselves for initiations through Purification Practices : fruits and juicing 

Early Morning Hike to River to make prayers

Creating sacred ritual and prayer with the earth:  Planting an Earth Mandala.

Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Evening Restorative Yoga

Nov. 10 - Morning Ceremony - Unity Dance

The Art and Science of Ayurveda: cleansing Mono diet -kitchari

Grounding the body and preparing for the medicine

Exploring Sacred Sound workshop with Kirtan 

Kitchari Dinner

Sound Journey

Nov. 11 : setting intentions for working with the Plant Medicine on the Mountain

Medicine Caminata with San Pedro 

Evening Breath Meditation

Nov. 12  rest/relax integrate: optional trip to El Paraiso Spa, optional bodywork and spa sessions

Hemi-sync: Healing Brain State Meditations

Contemplative Movement: Infinity Wave Body Flow

Simple Nourishing Meals Presentation: the healing nature of the low inflammation diet

Nov. 13: 

Morning Movement Ceremony - Unity Dance

Personal time for integration, and rest 

Kambo (optional $40 extra) / water fasting in am. if doing kambo 

kitchari 2pm; afteroon siesta 

Sacapo 10pm circle: Ayahuasca nightime ceremony 

Nov. 14:  Taxi back to Cancion del Corazón Center ; rest/reflect,  optional bodywork and spa sessions

Continuing to ground through simple nourishing meals and low inflammation diet

Evening Restorative Yoga

Nov. 15:  Bhakti Yoga Flow class

Group Closing Ceremony


Accommodation Choices & Costs:

Private Delux (queen bed, private bathroom): USD $1500

Couple's Private Delux  (queen bed, private bathroom): USD $2500

Rustic Private (shared bathroom) : USD $1250

Shared Room: USD $1000

Sacred Earth Medicine  Retreat

Upcoming Retreat November 7 - 15   2020

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