Wholistic Permaculture Caravan​​

FEB 7 - 21   2017

eco-farming, eco-building, 

eco-community, eco-menu

projects, excursions, yoga.

didjs, drums & native flutes...


Upcoming Events

Wholistic Wellness

​We are actively creating ourselves as we live our lives, and the way in which we nourish our bodies is the foundation upon which our wellness arises...

Book a private, couples, or family retreat, or jump aboard for one of our group retreats offerings. 

"Yoga and permaculture heaven"

Kayla Siefried

Bhakti Yoga

Soul Adventure

​JAN 11 - 24 2017

bhakti yoga flow , 

mantra, kirtan, sound journey

​conscious touch, meditation

unity prayer dance pilgrimage

loving foods menu


Stewarding ecological harmony: food forests, lush organic gardens, wastewater bioremediation, solar power, rainwater harvesting, meliponiapiary...

Discover ECUADOR

YOGA Fusion Holiday 

SEPT 11 - 22  2017

 finding inspiration in the andes!

2 days hiking & birding in Zamora 

 7 days fusion yoga + permaculture 

in Vilcabamba

2 nights at Papallacta Hot Springs

Sacred Music

The power of music

to move the soul,

open the heart,

and alter consciousness is an ancient science; mantra, devotional singing, sound meditation and healing...


Flowing movement,

spacious breathing, deep relaxation. 
Full presence, clear thinking,

inner knowing. 
Life as a masterpiece of creativity, 
a chalice of fulfillment,

a tapestry of becoming...

​​​​​Canción del Corazón



Choose Your Own Dates Theme, and Meal Plan!

 wholistic wellness, yoga

nature,  hiking,  permaculture

healthy cooking, sacred music​

raw food travel adventure ...





Wholistic Lifepath Center, Ecuador

"The connections, experiences, and knowledge I gained during those two weeks will be ones that I hold in my heart for a lifetime"

Shannon Baksh

"Between the gracious hosts, the extensive permaculture land and the beautiful spaces, the center offers all that one needs for reflection and development of mind, body and spirit"

Duncan Autrey

Canción del Corazón translates to "Song of the Heart" 

The song of our life journeys, and what we're here to share with you, arises from a deep caring and love

for humankind, for the mystery of creation, and for the living earth.

We have given our lives to our aspirations and co-created a retreat center and permaculture landscape

to express and deepen our reverence for life and to nourish our inspired ways of living .

                                                                                                                                        grace upon your way,   Phil & Suzannah



      Wholistic Wellness

Sacred Music